COVID-19, medical images, and BondiShare

COVID-19 requires to deal with several medical images that are necessary to treat all the patients in intensive care units and not only. 

NextCloud powers BondiShare and a relatively large open source community are capable of creating new applications. 

Aysel Afsar managed to create a magical app: the DICOM viewer. In such a scary moment, DICOM viewer contributes, simple, fast and efficient as an early diagnosis tool and report of viral pneumonia exams compatible with COVID-19 in several regions of the World.

It allows health care organisations to view DICOM images, using off-the-shelf hardware, the open-source and managed NextCloud Hub, such as our BondiShare.

The DICOM standard covers

  • the formats for storage of digital medical images and related digital data. The main purpose of allowing cross-vendor interoperability among devices and information systems dealing with digital medical images
  • the protocols to be adopted to implement few communication services which are useful in the medical imaging workflow.

BondiShare and the DICOM viewer allow to store, retrieve, processing easily, and displaying medical imaging information. Our platform controls the access rights to any specific folder/files, it has powerful tags and workflow service, and we offer automated backups, with high cybersecurity control and GDPR compliance.

It is a simple, cost-effective solution for any small/medium health care units.

Stay safe, stay well.

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