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Med-tech is now at the center of a new influx of investments and companies rush to study and work on the next generation of vaccines and drugs, of medical equipment for diagnostic and treatment purposes, and new technologies to address the new global health challenges.
Digital revolution has already made a long journey and engineering methodologies, image processing, AI, nano technologies made already their debut on the research and in the production stages.
We worked at several med-tech projects where we add our digital organisation competence.

Digital Imaging

Digital imaging demands several layers of digital processing after the acquisition: data transmission, storage, integrity, processing, privacy assurance and many others.

Our BondiShare has super performant Dicom viewer that allow to deliver a vertical application of file sharing, privacy control, and now also AI based analysis. The platform allows easily second opinions while the original images are fully managed in GDPR compliant infrastucture. 

Many med-tech devices are connected to the cloud and call from a secure framework that prevents malicious attacks. So many designs offer too many vector attacks. We are here to help med-tech startups to design and to enforce the highest possible cyber security for the devices, the backends, and also to protect the R&D environment, to protect the IPRs 

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