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Helping you with fine-tuned cyber security solutions.

Our approach to cyber security

The complexity of the actual information technology needs a careful support for all the components. Mobile phones, desktop, server, networking devices all experience vulnerability that can be even unknown. The mythical zero-day vulnerabilities allow hackers to penetrate inside your information platform.

The never ending war between white and black hackers force the organisations to run vulnerability and penetration tests.

Continuous penetration tests

Smartxchange offers innovative solution for vulnerability discovery based on an application that sits inside the secure zone (the DMZ) and creates comprensive reports that let the management identify the weakest chain’s link.

We are ready to support you for to chart the best and cost effective strategy to remediate the four vulnerability.

Penetration test are the way to test if your system is resilient and call from a high degree of expertise and a “hacking” mindset. 

We offer two solutions. The first is a state of the art application that is installed inside the firewall perimeters and behave like an hacker. 

The solution is focused on the inside threat, and it automates penetration-testing platform mimics the hacker’s attack


Penetration Test Phases

 Automation applied to the discovery of vulnerabilities and ethical exploiting, ensures an undisrupted network operation. Detailed reports are produced together with proposed remediations, one step ahead of tomorrow’s malicious hacker. 

Holistic cyber assessment

Smartxchange has partnered with International top tier security enterprises, grown up in the middle of cyber warfare and with highly skilled cyber defence expert teams.

We can help you to protecting your business and reducing the cyber risk, using the unique Offensive Framework Methodology (OFM).

Vulnerability assessment

You can run non-intrusive; IT assessments on-site without agents, probes or software to install, by using small executable scan files that run any computer in your domain. The scans complete in less than an hour; it doesn’t leave any trace of our activity and gathers a mountain of forensic data.
The scan is the first phase of our work. The risk score that we can get from the collected data will help to advise our clients in cherry-picking the best and more cost-effective solution.

Internal threats

Internal threats are equally or even more important compared to exploits and vulnerability. We offer an agent based solution that track the unusual behaviour of any user on his / her desktop, mobile, and sever.  The system is always monitoring suspect behaviour or any attempt to access area of the information platform that are forbidden for the specific user. 

Do you wish to assess and mitigate Cyber risks?

smartxchange has a vertical practice in cyber security that offer assessment, remediation, incident response, and forensic analysis.