Hedging the Odds

Designing your hedging strategy in a risky world.

Risk analysis and hedging technologies

Any entrepreneur lives understand "risk". The pace of the events in a globalised planet has created new challenges. The butterfly effect is something that it materialise in the first months of this year where a bat wings flaps create a pandemic that is changing so many industries and business model.
The need to redesign of many businesses is the result of a butterfly. We are here to help you to evaluate the risk and to design effective strategy to hedge the risk.

The butterfly is a symbolic representation of an unknowable quantity, given that small, nearly imperceptible changes can have massive implications in complex systems.

A black swan

“The impact of the highly improbable” is a book that focuses on the extreme impact of rare and unpredictable outlier events. Taleb, the author calls this events: the Black Swan theory. 

In finance all the startups dreams to become a “Black Swan” however in a globalised World the flaps of a butterfly can change the business scenario in two months. 

We have several years of experience in assess the different type of risks for companies and, with our technology partners, we can use the most innovative mathematical platforms based on digital options, Montecarlo analysis and simulation. The risk assessment identify the potentials threats, and we provide a cost effective remediation plan. The main risk platform consists in a scalable supply chain, market place, portfolio modelling solution built on business dynamics and machine learning technologies. We combine complex dynamic modelling with machine learning technologies to tailor and model the ecosystems of companies.

Above it shows the general definition of a qubit (quantum bit) as the quantum state of a two level quantum system.

Always innovate

We can design simple and complex hedging techniques that reduce the risks in large or small projects. We are partner of top tier technology partners that allow us to use state of the art pre-quantum platform that solves. The new available modelling and hedging platform of our technology partners allow us to exploit technology that redefine intractable. We are actually working on two projects in financial trading with high demanding computational challenges were we recast problems to harness the power of pre-quantum and advanced computing.


Do you wish to assess and mitigate risks?

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