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Case Study - Grazia

Smartxchange developed a platform for Grazia (the magazine owned by Mondadori). Ten covers are the core element of the project that represents the value of Grazia (a magazine founded in 1938) and include peace, inclusion, fashion, vision, beauty, activism, love for our planet, voice, international way, and new feminism. The covers are by Bianca Cedrone, a young emerging artist, and the three NFTs are with the music by Giovanni Allevi. They are unique as they NFT combine video and music with a collaboration of two artists coming from two different backgrounds. All three NFTs when played in order, create the story of Grazia’s core elements and complete a full piece of music by the name of “Woman Warrior”. You may have a look at this project at buongiornograzia.com.

Proceeds will go to support the Francesca Rava N.P.H. Italia Onlus Foundation’s “Ukraine Emergency” project for children and women.

Smartxchange has partnered with Grazia, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand, and the talented artist Bianca Cedrone and creative composer Giovanni Allevi, to offer a once in a lifetime NFT collection.

Smartxchange have created a new and innovative way of purchasing an NFT using techniques that everyone is familiar with. From a traditional shopping cart, to creating an online wallet using a credit card, buying an NFT has never been easier!

The digital world breaks down the entry barriers for up-and-coming artists.

Grazia is Italy’s fashion bible published by the Mondadori Group and one of the most prestigious European fashion magazines. For over 80 years, Grazia has stayed tuned to the evolution of women’s tastes, season after season, style after style, playing an important role in the empowerment of women throughout the decades.

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