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Smartxchange is partner with ZagTrader. Our partner is a specialised Financial Technology company and service provider that allows Banks, Brokers and Investment Management companies and Exchanges run and expand their world-wide operations on it. The solutions include integrates nearly all of the functionalities within the organisation. Imagine a fully integrated platform for front-office, middle-office, and back-office, trading, order management, global feeds, research, connectivity to global routing networks online trading, mobile trading and access to global markets through routing networks.

ZagTrader’s main products are:

• Buy-side Execution Management Systems (EMS)
• Buy-side Order Execution Management Systems (OEMS)
• Buy-side Order Management Systems (OMS)
• Sell-side Execution Management Systems (SSEMS)
• Sell-side Order Management Systems (SSOMS)
• Sell-side Order Execution Management Systems (SSOEMS)
• Custody Management System
• Buy- Side Asset & Portfolio Management
• Crypto Order Management
• Digital Assets Portfolio Management
• Market Making (Liquidity Provisioning Algorithms)

ZagTrader System is a true three-dimensional platform (Multi Asset Class, Multi Market, and Multi Currency), that supports Equities, Futures, Forex, CFD’s, Derivatives, Bonds, Options, Funds and ETFs, smart order routing, pairs & arbitrage with connectivity to more than 200 markets worldwide including 100+ Digital Asset markets

The platform also provides its clients with advanced real-time analytics, market intelligence insight and smart algorithmic trading giving the traders the edge they need to achieve the best execution and to enhance their performance.
ZagTrader platform is easily integrated with any 3rd party or a core banking system, making the whole installation process simple and done with ease.
The system can be hosted on premise and on cloud, Smartxchange offers fully managed cloud administration.