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Different industries need new digital organisation

Smartxchange partners accumulated a large number of projects that were part of larger programs, developed by the most important players of the industries. We are ready to design and deliver a new digital organisation for the most demanding projects with focus on high performance, high availability, and cyber security.

Airplane and air travel industry

Digital platforms changed the way an aircraft is built and managed, serving the airlines. We have experience in airplane factory automation and cyber forensic analysis of an airline information system. Today the digital organisation demands an even higher level of attention as cyber attacks to the IPRs, or to the passengers sensitive records, are a constant. The reshaping of this industry after the pandemic asks for better digital organisation. 

Flying to the Moon or to Mars is a dream that needs many different technologies. We were part of several programs, in the space telecommunication sectors facing the specific challenges of this industry.  The studies and the work experiences achieved were extremely useful in several mobile network telecommunication projects for emerging countries.  

Oil and energy

The energy sector evolves and it may be completely different in few years with a transition from fossil energy to renewable energy. We have completed projects in this sector in the design of security sub-system that face new threats and cyber attacks. IoT technologies and SCADA systems require the highest possible cyber hygiene, more than your typical office system: an open port of a valve monitoring system may create huge losses. We have delivered several works in digital support for companies in the applied mathematics and in cyber security.  

Do you wish to digitally evolve?

Smartxchange is providing an  advisory service, and technology that supports your organisation in multiple information-intensive and leading industry sectors.