"Strategy without tactics
is the slowest route to victory.

Tactics without strategy
is the noise before defeat"
[Sun Tzu]
Corporate advisor
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A journey to a new digital organisation

Our corporate advisor practice delivers market entry strategy, support in company formation, business setup and expansion services to enterprises in the UK. We enable international startups, scale-ups, and SME organisations to establish a new base or expand their operations in the UK by providing a range of on the ground support and taking care of their critical business functions such as entity formation, taxation, HR, finance and accounts, information technology platform. We specialise in accelerating market entry in the UK by reducing the risk and doing a business operationally, and compliant within the UK regulatory laws and assure long term support. We help enterprises through every step of their journey of business expansion by being their local partner in the UK.

Corporate Advisor

Corporate strategy is the level where decisions made on the overall growth and direction of a company. 

Visioning, objective settings, resource allocation, and strategic prioritization are the main components of corporate strategy.

Our partners can help in setting the high-level direction of the organization and potentially corporate values. We can also help in an objective setting that involves developing the visioning aspects created and creating high-level objectives for our client, typically for a timeframe.

The most efficient allocation of human and capital resources is another task that involves us in supporting the clients’ vision. We also help every time a strategic trade-off demands a sound business decision.

There are three main aspects of strategy execution software: plan, manage and track.
Our support helps companies with tools that help them to create a strategy, then properly structure and communicate it throughout the entire structure. Our engagement may also help in strategy execution. We offer support in the management of the components of that plan on a day-to-day basis, by updating of goals, projects and KPIs.
Our partners help to track the results of the different components of the clients’ plan, and then to correlate those results. We always try to help clients to achieve the overall success of the strategy.

There are gaps in the model large enough to derail the most innovative startups as they transition from Early Adopters and Early Majority as outlined by Geoffrey A. Moore in his bestseller Crossing the Chasm.

Each startup or scaleup deals with different kinds of consumers: Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority and Laggards. This was validated for products and services and the chasm is the most dangerous and difficult step to success.

Our partners supported several companies in “crossing the chasm” and have a deep understanding of innovation and the needed rules to create a success story for our clients.

Do you wish to access and mitigate risks?

Smartxchange is providing advisory service, and technology that support your organisation in multiple information-intensive and leading industry sectors.