Technology partners and sales partners

Technology partners

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed how fragile everyday life is.

A Black Swan arrived and has hit the world very hard. It is claiming too many lives, it is disrupting the economy, and it is driving millions more people into poverty.

Smart working is the route to do business as usual, without face-to-face meetings, and with the social distancing rules.

The BondiSuite team has assembled the best suite of services that our customers can rely on to work smart with privacy and security.

The BondiSuite delivers a set of products that are based on a secure, private platform so you can conduct business with confidence in a world where accessing your data remotely has become the new norm.

Bondi is also one of the most renowned beaches in Sydney, where the international team designed the suite.

We think that in a pandemic situation, everyone should bring their best talent and energy to help to fight the black swan and enable people to both survive and to create value and wealth.

However, in the pandemic World, it is hard to either travel or meet people for business, therefore challenging how we work with our business partners and do national or international business.

Let's build global partnerships

Our Partner Program a new market opportunity is developing with great demand. Once a manual, labor-intensive service, is now turning into a software platform solution. As the pioneers of this space, we are looking to build trusted channels to grow our business and meet the overwhelming demand of our customers. Our partner program is built to extend our reach and make sure that all the parties in the supply chain share the fruits of our success.

A NextCloud implementation with the highest level of security and a great service that includes automatic backup, monitoring, 24×7 support. You may only have to create the sharing internal policies, and we will create the magic.

Share and collaborate on documents, manage your calendar and have video chats without data leaks.

As fully private cloud solution on AWS, BondiShare provides the benefits of online collaboration without the compliance and security risks.