Asset tokenization
Enabling Digital Securities for Capital Markets
Eas­y to offer, own, sim­pler to man­age, and faster to trade.
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Our Fin-Tech practice

Smartxchange has strong experience in Fin-Tech and the practice is ready to help customers in the areas of;

Trading and quantitative

Partners in the Fin-Tech practice have years of experience in developing trading systems, both designing and integrating trading platforms for broker dealers, funds, and family offices. 

Our newest expertise in the area of arbitrage trading on inefficient markets with the pre-quantum computers. 

A modern approach of compliance matters calls for a digital organisation where the Fin-tech company’s clients has a centralised repository of information and a real-time system controlling the trade compliance. Smartxchange works with partners that offer the most advance compliance (KYC and AML) platform for several juridistions, integrated with advanced front and back-offcie trading system.    

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Asset Tokenization

Security Tokens are a new frontier for the capital market. The flexibility of a security token allows you to achieve a better liquidity and a higher transparency for so many asset classes. Property, equity shares, IPRs, stream of revenues can be tokenised. Our practice tries to offer an A-to-Z solution to customer and includes legal, corporate, fiscal, smart contract design, issuing platform, management of the token life, and more. 

In 2020, Smartxchange signed partnership agreements with a top tier player in this innovative industry that it is still in infancy.

Do you need advanced Fin-Tech projects?

Smartxchange is providing an advisory service, and technology that supports your organisation in multiple information-intensive and leading industry sectors.